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10 Money-Saving Tips for Auto Insurance in Arlington, TX

The average driver spends more than $1,500 yearly on car insurance, but lowering your rates is easy. For example, you could save 10% by going paperless or using auto pay for your bills. If you make bigger changes, like improving your credit score or trying usage-based insurance, you could save up to 50% on your car insurance.

There are many easy ways to lower the cost of your car insurance. By putting these factors together, the end cost can be cut by a huge amount.

Consider the following factors to get affordable car insurance rates in Texas:

1. Put in Place Modern Safety and Security Tools

You can keep your car from getting into a crash with features like automatic seatbelts and anti-lock brakes. Because of this, your car insurance company will consider you are a safe driver and give you lower rates than others.

2. Bundle Different Policies

Along with car insurance, we need a lot of other policies to live in Texas, like homeowner insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance, etc. If you buy all these insurances from the same company, you can save a lot on the total price by getting discounts.

3. Choose Options for Paying Ahead

Insurance companies love drivers who choose to pay in advance. This makes it less likely that you will switch companies in the middle of the year, which gives your insurance company peace of mind. Because of this, you will get a lower rate on your coverage.

4. Look at Different Carriers’ Prices and Compare Them.

Getting quotes from your area’s top car insurance companies will help you decide where to spend your money. Some companies have prices that are much more reasonable than others.

5. Cut Your Miles

The rates are lower for drivers who drive less than those who drive more miles yearly. The theory is simple: if you do not drive your car much, your chances of getting into an accident will decrease. So, you will have less reason to file an insurance claim, and your insurance company will think of you as a safe driver.

6. Keep your Driving Record Clean.

Having a clean driving record will help people consider you a safe driver. Texas uses a point system. You will get points on your record if you break the law while driving. Drivers with many points are considered risky, so their insurance rates are higher.

7. Try to Get your Driving Record Cleared of Points

You cannot eliminate the infraction, but you can get rid of the points on your driving record. You will have to go to court for this and have a chance to say your side of story. If the judge agrees, your points will be taken off your record.

8. Keep Only the Insurance You Need.

Remove any benefits you do not need or use. This is another easy way to lower your car insurance bill. For instance, you might not need roadside help coverage on a brand-new car because the manufacturer’s warranty usually covers the first three to five years.

If your car is worth less than a few thousand dollars or is over ten years old, dropping a collision and comprehensive coverage could cut your bill in half.

9. Let Young Drivers Stay on their Parent’s Insurance

Adding a young driver to their parent’s insurance policy can reduce their costs by 66%.

Adding a teen driver to family insurance will save money compared to getting their policy. But if your kid has had accidents, claims, or tickets in the past, it will cost more for either type of insurance. In this case, it is smart to determine how much each option costs.

10. Update your Policy Information.

Check your car insurance policy and the terms of your coverage to ensure they are right.

Even small details like your car’s trim level and safety features can affect how much it costs to cover it. For example, between trim versions of the same model year Honda Civic, there could be a difference of up to $1,950 per year.

Ensure you get any discounts your insurance agent may have missed, like discounts for being a homeowner, a student with good grades, or someone who has taken a safe driving course.

And check your coverage whenever your situation changes. For example, your rates drop slightly if you have made a carport or poured a new driveway and no longer park your car on the street.

Remember to find a happy balance between reasonable premiums and sufficient coverage. When implementing these suggestions, it is crucial to remember your requirements and conditions and to make it a habit to check in with your auto insurance provider in Arlington, Texas to understand better how each recommendation can affect your current policy.